ONE, Our New Collection Structure

ONE is the brainchild of an internal battle I was having in my head around the current fashion system. ⁠Each season the demand for newness increases and puts pressure on us designers to drop our collections earlier and earlier in order to get to the front of the pack. The flow-on effect of this is that by the time the garment is relevant (i.e. by the time it’s actually cold enough for coats) the product is going on sale, in preparation for the next seasons’ drop.⁠

It’s disorientating and inefficient. ⁠

Last may I reflected on what was 2020 as a small business and my thoughts on 2021 as part of an opinion piece for @sauce_________ ;⁠

“Part of me is scared that society won’t change at all.... but, the optimistic side of me thinks of the sense of community, kindness and respect that has risen from this experience.⁠

It’s the“buy less, buy well” approach to our business model I think will be important now more than ever. If we can teach the people that are able to afford NZ made products the benefits of doing so, my hope is that people will become more diligent with their money and make more considered and timeless purchase decisions”⁠

So, being a believer in practicing what you preach we have launched ONE: four cohesive trans-seasonal lines released throughout the year designed to be worn together regardless of the season. The ONE collection structure will see two lines released on the season and two off the season. ⁠

Natalie x


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