One Woman To Another

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One Woman To Another

A collection inspired by the coastal elements, reminiscent of a special bond between a mother and daughter. Naturally durable in construction, drawn from nature's own colour palette, showcasing moments of timeless elegance. 
Modern yet playfully youthful, each piece affords the wearer ageless individualism and confidence in self. 

From one woman to another we celebrate a moment in time,
a place of nostalgia, that summer feeling.

Ageless and naturally refined, Mina is intentional, defined by signature clean lines and soft tailoring with a hint of self-expression.

Made in Auckland, New Zealand


Luke Foley-Martin – Photographer

I met Luke three years ago now just as I was starting Mina. He came to do a shoot in a retail store I was working in and we instantly connected. It's not often that you meet people in this industry and just click straight away. Luke shot the very first Mina campaign and we have worked together ever since.