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Model Darya wears the Maggie Dress

Photographed by Cindy Leong

Jewellery by Charlotte Penman


‘‘Every piece has a story’’ is our way of giving you a little insight into the wonderful people who contribute to each of our garments, where we talk about the people behind our brand and the people part of our Mina Community. We talk a lot about how our community and relationships are so central to our business but as the day to day of business gets so busy we don't often get to talk about these people as much as we would like to.

Meet Charlotte Penman, New Zealand Jewellery Designer, friend and creative. Charlotte walked into our Karangahape Road showroom a year ago searching for a special location to host her bespoke clients and has held her appointments with us ever since.

"My inspiration is...the female form, empowering woman with pieces that become an armour that can create some form of alchemy in daily life..."

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Your studio is part of your family home in Takapuna, what does an average day look like for CP?

Yes! Juggling motherhood with being a creative was always at the forefront of my mind when I had my son, and we have been fortunate enough to build a small workshop studio in my garden, which has been amazing as the family has grown. This allows me to balance my practice, with spending quality time with my children and being present.

My days in the studio with my assistant Maya are a joy, they are frenetic and full of activity, music, laughter, making, designing, packing orders and admin.

In contrast, how have you found working at 444 on K Road?

Studio 444 is a wonderful contrast to the chaos of a studio and family life. It has been a joy for meeting clients and I adore the heritage aspect of the building, we are in fine company with Mina also!

"Karangahape Road holds a special place in my heart, it represents so many things and is like a kaleidoscope of inner city life."

Mina x CP recently collaborated on a community shoot called ‘In Good Company’ which received a great response! How do you find working alongside Mina?

It has been a seamless collaboration, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes in the working relationship and environment, as we share similar values.

"Natalie is a wonderful, community minded person and great designer, with great ethics. I admire Mina’s beautiful pieces and I loved the shoot collaborating with her, Cindy, Darya and Charlotte from Babelogue, all women with artistic integrity and a strong sense of the world."

Are you working on any special projects right now?

We have lots of commission work happening, each of these pieces are mini projects that are so multi layered and multi dimensional, they are personal pieces that represent something deeper than the object they become. We also have a new pod collection launching next month, and some permanent fine pieces.

What values define the Charlotte Penman brand?

Strength, depth and meaning are key points for our design process and the feeling for the pieces we send out into the world...we want to make women feel good about themselves, empowered when they wear our jewellery, ready to take on life's challenges.

A love of handmade traditions is at the foundation of our ethos. We hand make many of our pieces in our Auckland studio with these components and this is an important aspect of what we do. Mutual respect, good relationships, mindful practices and environmental impact are at the core of our decision making process. For us this creates a feeling of synchronicity and harmony in the pieces we create.

What or who is your inspiration while creating your designs? Tell us about your preferred materials and why?

My inspiration is definitely woman kind and the rich tapestry of inspiration in music, literature and art. More recently men too, as I have started to work with more guys on their wedding rings. With all bespoke pieces, the client becomes the muse, they are custom pieces that reflect their wearer, all their nuances and all the things about them that make them unique.

The main materials we use for our bespoke and fine pieces are 18-carat gold, platinum and precious gems, they are heirloom pieces that can be passed down through the generations. We use recycled gold and we often repurpose gems for clients and bring to life in new form. We use recycled silver, 18- carat gold plating, rolled gold, pearls and a wide range of gemstones, many of which I have personally hand selected on my travels.

"My inspiration is...the female form, empowering woman with pieces that become an armour that can create some form of alchemy in daily life..."

What can we expect from CP for Summer!?

A website launch! New stockist and a permanent fine collection!

Visit Charlotte Penman Jewellery Instagram @charlottepenman

Black dress featuring jewellery on model holding vase

Model Darya wears the Maggie Dress
Photographed by Cindy Leong
Jewellery by Charlotte Penman


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