Luke Foley-Martin Photographer

Meet Luke,
Auckland based Photographer and Creative

‘Every piece has a story’ is our way of giving you a little insight into the wonderful people who contribute to each of our garments. In a time where we can’t see our suppliers as we usually would, we have taken the time to reach out to them and see how they are and how they are spending their time during lockdown.

I met Luke three years ago now just as I was starting Mina. He came to do a shoot in a retail store I was working in and we instantly connected. It's not often that you meet people in this industry and just click straight away. Luke shot the very first Mina campaign and we have worked together ever since.

"It’s something that makes me feel comfortable in who I am, I have never shied away from an opportunity to make an image."

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Tell us how you got to where you are now and when you started photography?

Through a lot of love for photography. I have always photographed ever since primary school. Colours, shapes, designs, visual media has always been very intriguing to me. This went from a passion for photographing landscapes, family, anything in life to what is now a full time gig.

My move to PR work and other such commercial environments started in my final year at high school, I experienced a lot of rejection but looked through this to keeping moving forward.

I had goals back then and I still have goals today. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is incredibly important to progress. I believe trusting myself and taking risks have really helped me get to where I am today.

What do you love about what you do?

"In all honesty I love everything to do with photography. I love surrounding myself with creatives as I have a strong love for art, culture, fashion and people. These are also areas I have the pleasure of being immersed in everyday."

Why Fashion?

Fashion has always been an incredibly inspiring world in photography. The photographers of days gone by have turned photographing fashion into an art form itself. I have an enthusiasm for aesthetics, romance and emotion. I believe these key parts of my creativity hold great importance to photography especially my love for fashion.


For me and my photography business, I’ve looked at new ways of communication and planning. All this change allows for innovative ways of thinking which are really important to move forward. As a photographer, I believe thinking ahead and grabbing opportunities surrounding new ways of working is really important.

How has Covid - 19 changed the landscape of your business. What are the positives that can come from this?

This pandemic has shown me how volatile the creative industries can be, one minute you’re working day-in-day-out, the next there’s little to no work in sight. It’s important in these times as a business to be rational and practical. Being too positive and care-free can be really difficult for the heart and mind as things are unpredictable and can move fast. However keeping positive with a balance of realism can be great.


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