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Fair and Square 

Laundry Bar

We have collaborated with Fair and Square Soapery to produce a laundry soap bar for hand washing all your delicates including fine natural fibres such as silk, wool and cotton. 

Made using all natural ingredients, Carly from Fair and Square Soapery hand makes their soaps on her small lifestyle block in Tutukaka, New Zealand. 

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To use: Fill a small sink or tub with luke warm or cold water. Hot water may damage the fabric or cause shrinking so best to avoid hot water.

Submerge the garment in the tub and allow to soak for a few minutes. Using your laundry bar, rub softly into stains or create a foam with the bar using your hands and give the garment an overall wash.

Drain the water and add fresh clean water to rinse the garment.Do not ring your garment, this may cause the garment to mis shape or even damage the fabric. 

Lightly squeeze the excess water and then flay flat on a towel. Roll the garment up in the towel allowing the water to be adsorbed into the towel.

If a light coloured fabric, hang on the line to dry, or if dark coloured or a fabric that will stretch hanging, lay over a clothes line indoors to dry. 

Storing the soap bar: After using the soap, store in a soap tray or on something that will drain the water to avoid wetness.

Imagery by Luke Foley Martin