...Natalie Procter’s understanding of sustainability and ethical production is that of an industry veteran

“ interactive and intimate show that allowed everyone in the room to see the fabrics and designs up close in person... favouring high quality fabrics and simple luxe designs all made in a conscious way”

“Embodying the idea of minimalism in both it’s aesthetic and its sartorial philosophy” 

"The whole mood was that of a sort of bountiful, shining Earth Mother, wearing thoughtfully made clothing and serving thoughtfully made food to her friends."

"I believe we hold greater value to our clothes if we know the story behind them. We work so closely with our supply chain that we know every single person involved in the process of making a Mina garment."

"The Auckland fashion designer is big on community as a tool to change how we view our wardrobes."

“The pandemic has placed us with an opportunity to disrupt a flawed fashion system and I am excited for community, kindness and respect to form the pillars of our local industry.”

“It's us as consumers who can make the biggest change because if we begin to demand quality in our clothing and quality of life for our workers then mainstream retailers have to meet these demands." 

"This Young Designer Is Leading The Charge Of Sustainable Fashion"

"Mina: a ‘Fashion Revolution’ exemplar