Who We Are

The Mina ethos is constructed through considered design with an intimate notion of respect for our local makers and a commitment to natural fabrics. Through a community of relationships; authentic and unique, the Mina brand is shared and lived.

Our design process starts with natural fabrics, each selected for feel and longevity. Mina designs considered collections not just for a season but for years to come. Instilling a model of limited capsules released throughout the year, we curate for a buy less buy well lifestyle.  

We understand our origin

we are conscious of fabrics & environment

as we design intentionally with our customers

in mind throughout the entire journey.

Mina was built on the notion of respect. We create our collections in partnership with our makers right here in Auckland. We consider everyone who is part of the Mina process as an important individual, with a unique background that adds to a sense of diversity. This is shared with our customers who have an appreciation for the story behind our garments

We think of people as individuals

we understand their backgrounds

we celebrate and embrace diversity

We choose ethical working environments.

At Mina, we believe it is the unique relationships and interactions between the people we meet on our journey that nurture and grow the Mina brand. 

We think local and we value 

meaningful relationships when 

working with our community on 

distinct collaborations.